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This is the PDSA Pet Aid Hospital Veterinary / Vet page, we have listed the full address of PDSA Pet Aid Hospital as well as phone numbers and web site. PDSA Pet Aid Hospital is in Manchester, PDSA Pet Aid Hospital may offer vet services such as general checkups for animals, dog and cat health checks and much more.

If you have used PDSA Pet Aid Hospital before for any veterinary services or anything that involves animal health be sure to leave a rating or review.

PDSA Pet Aid Hospital many offer many different services for pets including general health checks, Dietary and Weight Clinics, Pet vaccination,Pet Passports and much more.

If you require more information on the PDSA Pet Aid Hospital shop / service then be sure to call PDSA Pet Aid Hospital or visit their web site if listed.

PDSA Pet Aid Hospital

7 Warwick Rd South

M16 0JW

Phone: 0161-881 0222

Fax: 0161-860 9153

No E-Mail Address

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Latest PDSA Pet Aid Hospital Reviews

* Stella Marks

My Collie/Alsation male dog Jake had been in and out of the P.D.S.A. Manchester for 3 yrs for one thing and another. He had 6 operations in 3 yrs, including rear leg amputation through Cancer. He then got secondary Cancer in his lung which took its toll and eventually he had to be put to rest on 10th Sep 08. the veteranarys and nurses were fabulous - caring, loyal, and very professional. I am so grateful to them for helping my beautiful friend and companion in his time of need. There is only one complaint I have which is regarding the receptionists! I called that morning of 10th Sep at 10.30am and stated it was an emergency. The receptionist booked me in for an appointment for 11.45am as I had to get over there as a close friend was taking me. I arrived half an hour early at 11.15am. I told them again it was an emergency and I signed in. My dog had had a urinary accident in the car because he was too weak to move. I had to put him aon the floor outside the main doors yet he was still kept waiting until 11.50am!!! 35 minutes after I'd signed in. It was awful for him to be lying there whilst everybody passed looking at him in the state he was in. His last moments on this earth were on a cold, hard floor in distress and all because the receptionists didn't do their job properly after I'd kept him warm, safe and well for over 10 yrs! There was no misunderstanding, I clearly stated it was an emergency. My friend even asked them when he would be seen. Eventually at 11.50am his name was called and as usual the Vet and the Nurse were professional yet compassionate and set Jake free of his pain and sadness. I must point out at this stage that Jake had only took a turn for the worst 2 days prior. Befor that he was running about, playing and eating. Sometimes I think that the receptionists think they know best and run the place. I ahd a similar problem with them when Jake was due to have his leg amputated 18 months earlier. No complaints about the Vets or Nurses - only the receptionists....

Sep 30, 2008
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