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This is the Andrew Melling Veterinary / Vet page, we have listed the full address of Andrew Melling as well as phone numbers and web site. Andrew Melling is in Bolton, Andrew Melling may offer vet services such as general checkups for animals, dog and cat health checks and much more.

If you have used Andrew Melling before for any veterinary services or anything that involves animal health be sure to leave a rating or review.

Andrew Melling many offer many different services for pets including general health checks, Dietary and Weight Clinics, Pet vaccination,Pet Passports and much more.

If you require more information on the Andrew Melling shop / service then be sure to call Andrew Melling or visit their web site if listed.

Andrew Melling

535 Chorley Old Road


Phone: 01204 841666

Fax: 01204 840004

No E-Mail Address

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* Brenda Loughran

\my horse has been ill repeatedly for 3 years at a certain time of month each year. I called Andrew for a second opinion and within 3 days he had dignosed the problem that other vets had been missing for the previous years. Andrew listens to you and starts at basics, he is very genuine and it doesnt seem all about the money where other vets are quiet happy to diagnose a previous problem rather than thinking is there something else causing this. I would recommend Andrew Melling to anyone, if I didnt happen to request a second opion my horse would still be being treated for something entirely different....

Jan 2, 2009
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